Full stack solution delivery

TL;DR - We're delivering end-to-end digital solutions

We can guide you:

- Validating your business idea:
-- Market and niche research
-- Cost and ROI calculation
-- Revenue forecast

- Specification of business needs and flows:
-- Functional, technical, test and API documentations
-- Flow and component diagrams

- Picking the suitable technology and competences to deliver

- Organizing and orchestrating each step of an IT project

We can craft you:

- Innovative, animated UI design and intuitive UX

- Functional “clickable” prototypes

- Dynamic or static SEO friendly website

- Complex web application

- Progressive web application

- Ethereum Smart Contract based services

- Containerized virtual environment

- Production ready CI/CD pipelines

Our stacks:

- Development
-- JavaScript, Typescript, React, React-Native, Svelte, Node, Golang, WASM, Solidity, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

- Design and prototype
-- Figma, AdobeXD, Framer

- Hosting and PaaS
-- AWS, Google Cloud, Google Firebase, Heroku, TeamCity, TravisCI, Github Actions

Drop us a line: hello[at]c-labs.tech